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We hold ourselves responsible for creating an environment that is welcoming to all. We commit ourselves to anti-sexist, anti-homophobic, anti-ableist, anti-xenophobic, anti-racist, anti-transphobic, anti-fatphobic practices. We recognize that as a cosmetic practice, we inherently benefit off ageism and body-shaming that is pervasive in our culture and that teaches people, especially women, to feel ashamed of their bodies. The services we provide are not aimed to remake you into what society considers a palatable version of beauty, but to help you feel more comfortable in your body--whatever that looks like for you. We accept that no one, including ourselves, is infallible, and we pledge to lean into the growth that comes from having our perspectives and behaviors challenged and expanded.


Getting Here:

The Service Station is located within Lux Salon Suites. There

is parking in the rear of the building.

Our Address:

7909 Concord Hills Dr

Suite 201

Brentwood 37027

Phone & Fax:





M-Th 8-5

Sat. 9-1


M-F 11-7

Sat. 9-11

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